Ondel Ondel the Evolution

Ondel-ondel is a form of a folk performance using large puppets, originated from Betawi and often performed in festivals that are inseparable from the Betawi culture.

On the last few years, Ondel-ondel as a Jakarta's original icon is struggling very hard to compete with incoming icons, from both foreign and domestic. People of Jakarta rarely seen using ondel-ondel's as a fashion icon.

Raegita noticed the decreasing trends of ondel-ondel, she decides to make an effort to upgrade it. It is now the time for ondel-ondel to reappear as the original icon of Jakarta.

She upgraded Ondel-ondel from festival and street performers to a new fresh modern icon of Jakarta. Ondel-ondel re-introduced as an icon that is not only exist on streets and local stages, but also exist on shopping malls, universities and office buildings.

The evolution collections of Raegita Zoro shows a unique combination of sophisticated, eye catching and mature looks designed specially for fun, cheerful and stylish peoples.

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