Evolution : Ondel-ondel

Ondel-ondel is a form of a folk performance using large puppets, originated from Betawi and often performed in festivals that are inseparable from the Betawi culture... Ironically as time goes by, the existence of Ondel-ondel as one of Jakarta's icon fades away compared to the rising development of Jakarta which is evolving very hard to keep up with the level of other developed capital countries. On the last few years ondel-ondel as a Jakarta's original icon struggling very hard to compete with incoming icons, from both foreign and domestic. People of Jakarta rarely seen using ondel-ondel's as a fashion icon. It is now the time for ondel-ondel to reappear as the original icon of Jakarta. Raegita Zoro as a rising designer noticed the decreasing trends of ondel-ondel, she decides to make an effort to upgrade it.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 will be the event for Raegita Zoro to upgrade ondel ondel from a festival and street performers puppets to a new fresh modern icon of Jakarta. Ondel-ondel will be introduced as an icon that is not only exist on streets and local stages, but also exist on shopping malls, universities and office buildings.

The new spring and summers 2017's collections of Raegita Zoro will be showing a unique combination of sophisticated, eye catching and mature looks designed specially for fun, cheerful and stylish peoples.

A glance on Raegita Zoro... started her career on fashion from early 2000 by creating made-to-order shoes and bags, her career paused on 2007 and then continued on 2010 when she found a famous Italian school of design in Jakarta, Istituto Di Moda Burgo. Burgo unleashed Raegita's talents on fashion.

Since then, Raegita's skill, knowledge and career consistently rise marked by some achievements, one of it is the appointment from a local TV as one of the costume provider for a famous global program: Indonesian Idols - Finale Session. Now, years of studies has formed Raegita Zoro into a brand that consistently delivers a set of unique and innovative quality of fashion to its customers. Raegita Zoro is now ready to enliven Indonesia's fashion with its first formal performance at 2016 Jakarta Fashion Week Festival.

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