Every women always wants to look fabulous

Unfortunately most of the time being fabulous means less comfort

RAEGITAZORO mission is to overcome that problem

Helping you being comfortably fashionable.


Our logo consist of a reversed R and Z letter surrounded by a circle to represent the initial of the designer 

Reversed letters shows the character of the brand which tend to be unique and dare to offer something different

The circle surrounding RZ letter with 3 touching point shows the balance our DNA: Neon, Energetic, and Quirky.


Raegita started her career in fashion by producing made-to-order bags and shoes in Bandung since early 2000s as a college student. Her shoes and bags line labeled NUShuz went very well, the brand chosen to participate at one of the biggest exhibition event in South East Asia, Pasar Seni ITB 2005. But then Raegita’s presence at the fashion industry halted in 2007 as she accompanied her husband moving to Jakarta.

Raegita’s passion on fashion then re-emerge when she found a fashion school from Italy, Istituto Di Moda Burgo. Slowly but sure Raegita’s knowledge and confident rose colored with some achievement, one of them is her collection’s presence at one of the well known reality show in Indonesia, Indonesian Idol 2014. 

Raegita and her husband Rhendy established RAEGITAZORO brand in 2016.

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